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We leverage the heritage that has been used in distilling whiskey and spirits in the US since 1791, and bring our mix of craftsmanship, quality and technology. Shankar Distillers is proud to create products that we serve and enjoy!


Our state-of-the-art equipment and technology help us produce high-quality products to serve you in the market and in The Barrel (Our Tasting Room at Shankar Distillers).

Starting out in our Dry Hammer Mill, fresh, high-quality grains are milled to flour on-site and auger-delivered to our 1,500-gallon mash tun.

Once the mashing process is complete, the mash is transferred to one of our three 1,500-gallon fermenters for the fermenting process. After fermentation, the mash is sent to our 45-foot continuous distillation column (You can see it from I-75 highway) for its first distillation.

The first distillation, commonly called the stripping distillation, removes alcohol from fermentation from the grain in the mash. The distillate, or low-wines, are then distilled on our 250-gallon hybrid pot-still for whiskey or is distilled using the pot-still with two 28-foot columns to produce vodka.

Our vodka is also used to make our gin by a combination of soaking botanicals in our pot-still and distilling our vodka through a gin basket. When distilling gin, our vodka starting material is distilled with our gin basket activated. The gin basket holds botanicals and allows distillate vapor to pass through and infuse the alcohol with flavors from the botanicals.

Each product (whiskey, vodka, gin) is distilled differently by utilizing distillation cuts. Heads cuts are removed first containing small chain alcohols with undesirable flavor, followed by the hearts cut which contains the bulk of the alcohol used for the final product, and ending with the tails cut to remove large chain alcohols with undesirable flavor.



Nearly 70% of a whiskey’s flavor comes from the barrel in which it’s aged, therefore, attention is paid to the details of the barrel, from the source of the wood to the depth of the char. Our storage or Rickhouse is brick and concrete—and, for the most part, not artificial climate controlled, which means no air conditioning in the summer, no heating in the winter.

Result…extreme seasonal fluctuation in temperature, especially higher up in the racks. This causes the wood in the barrels to expand when it’s hot and contract when it’s cold. These temperature peaks drive the whiskey into the wood. It will increase the Angel’s Share, but you do get more intense maturation. Bottom racks will mature through less extreme, more constant temperatures, but should be right conditions for producing longer-aged whiskeys. With the temperature fluctuations we experience in Michigan, those of you that live here or have visited know this, our storage and aging process is prime to output excellent whiskeys.

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    Shankar Distillers LLC
    1030 Chicago Rd
    Troy, MI. 48083 | 855-827-2427

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      Contact Us

      Shankar Distillers LLC
      1030 Chicago Rd
      Troy, MI. 48083
      Phone: 855-827-2427

      © 2023 SHANKAR DISTILLERS, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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