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2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Whiskey Lovers

2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Whiskey Lovers


No matter the occasion, giving your whiskey-drinking loved one or friend is a can’t-miss idea to put a smile on their face. Here are some ideas for gifts this holiday season from the Varchas Gift Shop, as well as from other sources. Varchas Special Edition Expressions Varchas flagship Whiskey and Rye makes a wonderful gift, and you can really impress your recipient by buying both and presenting them as a set. Or you can buy one of our special editions, like Varchas Reserve 102 Straight Bourbon Whiskey or Varchas Heritage Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Visit Our Spirits page on the Varchas website and select the expression you think fits your gift your recipient the best. Visit our SHOP page, and you can either buy direct at our distillery, shop at one of our online partners or you can check the retailer near you that carries Varchas.   Varchas Merchandise Especially if your gift recipient has already discovered the experience of our expressions and has become a fan, consider getting them some Varchas branded merchandise. We have Varchas branded Glencairn glasses, branded low-ball rock glasses, T-shirts, a branded jigger for a great stocking stuffer, flasks, coffee mugs, quarter-zip and polo shirts. Personalized Whiskey Glasses and Decanter Whiskey set glass designs enhance the aroma of any spirit including bourbon, scotch, rum, tequila, wine, and more. This glass decanter, for example, holds 750 ml of liquor, has a glass stopper and features a sleek, non-faceted glass that provides the perfect blank slate for etching and customization. The drinkware set engraving is permanent and the Tennessee whisky glasses & decanter are dishwasher safe and lead-free. $59.99 at Amazon Whiskey Tasting Journal If you’re a whiskey / bourbon lover or you know one, then this journal is perfect for you. The time when you couldn’t remember the name, scent, or taste of that one particular liquor has come to an end. This logbook is designed to help you keep a record of your tasting experiences of all brands, smells, and flavors of your favorite spirits – bourbon, whiskey, and whisky. Makes a great stocking stuffer for your whiskey aficionado. $8.99 at Amazon. Whiskey-Infused Gourmet Treats Whiskey makes a great ingredient in chocolate, jams and jellies and more. Think about individual item for stocking stuffers or a gift basket that makes for an impressive collection. Cooper’s Cask Coffee: Coffee beans aged in Bourbon casks. Gourmet Whiskey-infused Hot Sauce Wilkin & Sons Ltd Tiptree Orange and Malt Whisky Marmalade Jack Daniels Whiskey Cake     Whiskey-Related Art Does your whiskey lover have a man cave or she-shed? Consider getting some art and accessories for the wall. How about a Whiskey-Knowledge tin sign? Vintage Whiskey Patent Prints? Personalized Neon Bar Sign? Vintage Whiskey Art from   Whiskey Masterclass or Tasting Experience Let your whiskey lover take their game to the next level by buying them an online Whiskey Masterclass. Consider buying your loved on a mixology Masterclass, for example, with world-class bartenders Lynnette and Ryan (aka Mr. Lyan) teaching you how to make perfect cocktails at home for any mood or occasion.

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